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About us

Welcome to All About Gel! We are a proudly Australian-based business, dedicated to bringing our exceptional product to discerning customers all across the nation. Our devoted team at All About Gel is committed to delivering a superior standard of customer service, ensuring that you receive optimal value and satisfaction.

Our gel polish isn't just designed by a nail technician—it's crafted with their expertise and used by professionals in the field. 

Our diverse range includes UV/LED Gel Colors, featuring high-gloss no-wipe top coats, elegant matte top coats, and reliable base coats. Notably, our uniquely designed bottle, a nail technician Queen, incorporates a colour preview on the lid, streamlining the process of locating your desired shade without the need to open each bottle.

All About Gel represents the pinnacle of UV/LED soak-off gel formulations. It combines the ease of application akin to traditional polish with the enduring strength of gel, ensuring a chip-free and fade-resistant manicure that can gracefully last beyond two weeks. The rapid curing process under an LED light eliminates the risk of smudging, providing a flawless result every time.


Furthermore, its odorless nature and gentle removal process preserve the integrity of your natural nails. Say hello to the prospect of showcasing resilient, eye-catching nails fortified by the strength of our premium gel formula!

Comprising a pure 100% gel composition, our product stands out for its remarkable durability, and importantly, it remains devoid of detrimental components such as VOC (volatile organic compounds), formaldehyde, gluten, mercury and lead. This emphasis on safety ensures that you can enjoy stunning nails without compromising your well-being. Whether enhancing natural nails or working with acrylic extensions, our gel proves versatile and reliable, making it an ideal choice for intricate nail art.

Meet the Team

Allow us to introduce the dedicated individuals who form the core of our brand, All About Gel. Our team consists of passionate experts with a profound understanding of nail care and a shared commitment to delivering excellence.

Together, we drive the innovation, quality, and customer-centric ethos that define our brand's identity. Get to know the faces behind the scenes who work tirelessly to bring you the best in nail care and beauty.


Carla Wallis

Business Owner/Partner – Nail And Beauty Expert

In 2011, my daughter and I launched our first salon, a journey that ignited our passion for beauty and nails. Over a decade later, our collaboration has fueled the evolution of All About Gel. As a salon owner, I relish the dynamic world of nail art, acrylics, and innovative techniques showcased in our gallery. My unwavering quest for a superior gel polish led to the creation of All About Gel – a line boasting rich pigments, a versatile color range, and an abundance of glitters, including the coveted do-it-yourself variety. This ardor defines our brand, and we're excited to share it with you.

Ashleigh Dibben

Business Owner/Partner – Social Media, Content And Design

Ashleigh, a nail technician with a wealth of experience in nail art and design, stands as a testament to our brand's expertise. Having collaborated alongside her mother, Carla, in their beauty salon, Ashleigh intimately comprehends the essence of a superior, high-quality gel polish. With her skills and knowledge in Graphic Design and the beauty industry she has helped bring our amazing products and ideas to life.

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